Children, Youth & Schools

Addictions in Social Media – Jonathan Smith (Session A)

Raising kids and working with youth can be challenging with all the technology they know how to use and you don’t.  Get an overview of the latest technology trends for young people and learn how to respond and help those in trouble using the truths found in God’s Word.


Protecting Schools from Emerging Risk – Paula Burns (Session C, D)

This interactive discussion will cover top risk management topics such as cyber/social media, sexual misconduct prevention (especially youth-on-youth), liability in employment practices, international travel, and emergency preparedness plans.


School Security:  Keeping Our Students Safe – Panel facilitated by Bryan Robinson (Session B)

Today’s news is full of disturbing stories of school shootings and other campus security issues.  How do we protect our students and staff in these emergency situations?  Learn proven methods from security experts, including representatives of Klein ISD’s exemplary KeepKleinSafe program, so you can effectively address the four phases of emergency management:  prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.


Elevating Your Special Needs Ministry – Daniel Williams (Session C)

Special Needs Ministry (SNM) takes many forms and flavors.  This session is designed to confirm the things you are doing well in SNM and establish objectives for conducting ministry more effectively and meeting greater needs.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the various types of SNM formats, a six-stage model for enriching your ministry, and practical steps for growth in each stage.


Creating a Special Needs-Friendly Student Ministry – Daniel Williams (Session D)

Disabilities do not disappear after elementary school.  There is a critical need for student/youth ministries to understand and embrace special needs teens.  This session is designed to help you recognize the need for accessible student ministry for special needs teens, address common barriers within the church, learn practical strategies for embracing these students, and appreciate the benefits to your entire student ministry and church for doing so.


Bringing Peace to Our Classrooms and Homes – Peggy Osborne (Session A)

The fruit of peace is sought after by parents as well as classroom teachers.  What can we do to create a peaceful environment?  What about peace between children?  Is this even possible?  Yes!


Making Bible Stories Come Alive! – Peggy Osborne (Session B)

What strategies can be used to make Bible time exciting?  How can we help make Bible stories “stick”?  Join us as we talk about music, activities, movement, tone and expression.  All of these work together in making a memory…whether it is a Bible story or other circle time theme.


The Importance of Love through Connection – Peggy Osborne (Session C)

Children are growing up in homes which are no longer providing face-to-face connection.  Do you know why this connection is important?  Join us as we talk about the physical chemistry that occurs when we connect with our kids and the benefits resulting from that connection.  Plus, gain helpful strategies to accomplish this all day long in the classroom.


Circle Time Fun – Peggy Osborne (Session D)

Do you want to spice up your circle time?  Would you like to have different kinds of circles during the day?  Did you know that you can strengthen social/emotional skills as well as academic skills during circle time?  These and other strategies will be discussed in this fun session.


Boys! Boys! Boys! – Lauren Blaschke (Session A)

What are the needs of boys in our homes and classrooms?  How are their needs different from those of girls?  Join us as we discuss this important topic.


Brain-Based Basic Training – Lauren Blaschke (Session B)

What is the most effective, brain-based type of training to use with children so that when we teach, they really can hear and obey?  What are the best brain-compatible strategies?  What does the Bible say about training?


Tantrums to Teachable – Lauren Blaschke (Session C)

What do I do when a child melts down?  How can I begin to lay a new neural pathway in that child’s brain and provide acceptable options to express emotions when the world does not go his or her way?  Does the Bible say anything about our emotions and give us any guidance?  Join us as we discuss these and other questions.


The Preschool Scientist – Lauren Blaschke (Session D)

So much of what we do in the preschool classroom revolves around science.  We explore nature, talk about our senses, and use a magnifying glass…but what about chemistry?  Do you have any young chemists in your classroom?  Join us for a fun exploration of chemistry in the classroom…with actual experiments!