Personnel & Human Resources

Employment 101 for Small Organizations and Ministries – Jessica Mason & Michael Ryan (Session A, C)

While small employers may be exempt from certain regulations, state and federal laws still impose strict requirements for compliance.  Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of the various state and federal employment and labor laws applicable to their small ministry/business, gain confidence that they can recognize major compliance issues and legal pitfalls, and recognize ways to be proactive in maintaining compliance with employment and labor laws as their ministry/business grows.


Employee Handbooks and Policies Gayla Crain (Session A, B)

Some ministry leadership do not like HR policies.  They don’t believe that employment laws apply to them.  They are wrong!  Employees need structure.  They need to know the rules and their employer’s expectations.  Handbooks are a must in today’s work environments.  Learn about the basic policies you should have and why.


The Ins & Outs of Minister Tax Issues Sandra Fowler (Session A, B)

Attendees will learn to define who is a minister according to both the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service definitions, gain a better understanding of the dual tax status unique to ministers, and correctly designate and account for the minister housing allowance.  We will also discuss employee business expenses and their deductibility as it relates to ministerial employees.


Medicare Made Clear Michelle Feagin (Session A, B, C)

This workshop provides basic information about Medicare for human resources professionals, individuals considering Medicare enrollment, and caregivers for parents.  Learn about the parts of Medicare, enrollment and coverage options.  The workshop is interactive and includes time for Q&A.


The HR Auditors Are Coming:  What to Do and What to Know Jessica Mason & Michael Ryan (Session B, D)

Department of Labor and I-9 audits are occurring frequently across all industries.  Learn how to proactively achieve compliance with employment and labor laws before facing an audit, recognize the major components and legal considerations inherent in common governmental audits, and gain confidence in how to react and respond when the auditor is at the door.


What’s Hot in HR Gayla Crain (Session C, D)

What types of employee leave are required by law?  If we develop additional leave policies, what laws will apply?  Does #metoo happen in ministry?  My pastor says it doesn’t.  How do I pay employees lawfully and address harassment and bullying?  Retaliation happens all the time.  Learn to combat complaints of retaliation and discrimination and other hot topics.


How to Stay Above the Fray God’s Way Dr. Stephen Trammell (Session B)

Relational strain can be a drain.  How do you navigate relationships that tend to be somewhat toxic at times or even cause you to live in the reality of being separated, together?  You feel the pressure to be a team player and be productive in an environment that pulls you down.  In this session, we will explore how to stay above the fray God’s way.