Personal & Spiritual Development

The World Needs Your Story and Testimony – Arlen Busenitz (Session A)

Your struggles and victories can be a tremendous blessing to others.  God guides us through challenges so we can encourage others in similar situations.  Learn to share your testimony about how you met Christ and He has worked in your life.  Attendees will bring together several powerful stories from their past, use a proven formula to craft their testimony, learn three keys to overcoming fear and becoming a better speaker, and leave with a powerful three-minute story to share.


Help!  I Have a Big Decision:  What Do I Do? – Arlen Busenitz (Session B)

Learn seven principles for making wise decisions, discerning God’s will, and having courage to take the next step.  Arlen uses scripture to illustrate these points and how they helped him decide what to do after college, find his spouse, lead a church through a name change, switch careers and move his family across the country.  Save time and heartache by recognizing God’s voice, finding your calling, knowing what to do when He is silent, choosing between two paths, and living by faith and not fear.


Stopping Bad Habits and Building Good Habits – Arlen Busenitz (Session C)

Arlen pulls from the wisdom of God’s Word and the latest scientific research to help you overcome bad habits and replace them with good ones.  From losing keys to getting focused, to time management, health, relationships and more, this practical presentation will equip and empower you.  Learn how simple choices compound for massive results, why most people fail at changing habits, what triggers habits, the power of grace to change, and how to hack your environment to make change easier.


How Selling Rocks Prepared Me for Life and Ministry – Arlen Busenitz (Session D)

At age 18, Arlen started selling rocks and earned enough money to pay for college, his first car, and 13 visits to the chiropractor.  God used this experience to teach him valuable lessons for thriving as a pastor and in life.  Arlen uses stories and scripture to share key principles for success, including getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing growth, which attitudes and character faults to avoid, and knowing when to quit and when to persevere.


Finding Joy in the Midst of the Chaos – Amy Cargle (Session B)

Some days, everything goes as planned and nothing can throw you off your game.  Other days are chaotic and nothing happens as you expected—personnel, technology, meetings, unread emails, air conditioning units!  There are many distractions that can rob us of the joy found in ministry—in building God’s Kingdom and discipling our staff.  We will explore how to rejoice when feeling overwhelmed and stressed and find joy in the midst of chaos.


How to Order Your Life to Honor God and Benefit Others – Dr. Stephen Trammell (Session C)

You are structured for the results you are getting.  What needs to change in your daily rhythm to bring order and simplicity?  In this session, we will explore how to be proactive in your decision making to reflect the heart of God.  God is a God of order.  Let’s explore healthy habits that will honor God, benefit others and make your life better.


Healthy to Serve:  Body, Mind and Spirit – Lisa Hernandez (Session C, D)

How does what we eat affect our body, mind and spirit?  We will explore God’s diet vs. man’s diet, along with four biblical principles for healthy eating.  Attendees will walk away able to compare other diets to God’s diet, make healthier food choices, and implement an action plan based on what they’ve learned.


Take a Break Before You Break:  Caring for the Caregiver – Pam & Ron Nitchie (Session A)

Caring for others is a privilege that Jesus modeled for us throughout His ministry on earth.  How can something that is supposed to be a blessing become such a difficult load to bear?  Attendees will understand the causes, symptoms and complications of caregiver or “compassion” fatigue, identify when they or others are suffering from it, and learn practical measures for balancing caregiving with caring for themselves.


Trading Places:  The Challenges and Triumphs of Caring for the Elderly – Pam & Ron Nitchie (Session B, D)

Are you now caring for a parent—the one who once cared for you?  Finding yourself in a caregiver role can present many new challenges.  In this workshop, we will explore issues the elderly face as they age, as well as those that confront the caregiver.  Attendees will be given practical and creative tools to enhance their caregiving experience and be able to identify available community resources.