Operations & Facilities

Getting the Most from Your Blue-Collar Workforce in a Tight Labor Market – Carter Bliss (Session A)

In today’s tight labor market, it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain a talented blue-collar workforce while staying within budget.  In this workshop, we’ll discuss low and no-cost ways of achieving this.  We’ll explore cultural differences and how to use these to your benefit.  We’ll also discuss how to motivate your workforce to achieve unprecedented efficiencies and how to overcome the “it’s good enough” philosophy.


Reading, Negotiating and Editing Facilities-Related Contracts – Carter Bliss (Session C, D)

So, you’ve found the perfect vendor!  The only thing left to do is sign the contract.  There’s really no need to read it—it’s just a formality, right?  Learn how to identify and avoid the most common loopholes and pitfalls that can come back to bite you, edit a contract to shift the burden of responsibility to the other party, and negotiate a contract to achieve the greatest advantage for your organization.  We’ll look at real-world examples and ways to ensure contracts are mutually beneficial.


Facilities Roundtable – Doug Rogers & Rick Burdon (Session B)

Join us for a group discussion on practical issues that matter to any facility manager.  Topics may include volunteer development, energy savings, janitorial items you can’t live without, why you need a CMMS, security technology, benefits of joining the National Association of Church Facility Managers (NACFM) and more.  Bring your questions, share your knowledge and network.


What Language Is Your Building Speaking? – Melanie Hanna (Session B)

Every building tells a story.  Storytelling is visual and your building is the medium—what does it say?  It will either engage or detract from your intended mission/purpose.  We will explore how using your facilities as the visual medium for telling your story (purpose) is vital to a successful ministry.  Discussion will include the importance of designing to your marketplace, creating clarity of purpose, using vivid imagery, and revitalizing when necessary.


How to Create Family-Friendly Spaces for Reaching People – Melanie Hanna (Session C)

There are broad areas of ministry that are common across all traditions—Worship, Fellowship, Education, Recreation.  How do you design these spaces to be family-friendly and reach different demographics?  From First Impressions to the Worship experience (and everything in between), we will discuss how to design family-friendly, ministry-driven spaces and create authentic and relevant experiences for cultivating community and personal relationships.


How to Survive and Thrive During Construction and Renovation Projects – Glenn Wood (Session A)

It is possible to survive, and thrive, while leading a church construction or renovation project.  Learn from Glenn’s real-world challenges and successes in managing all sizes and complexities of projects, from a single office renovation to a 2,500-seat sanctuary construction.  Attendees will explore how to plan, organize and lead a project and live to tell about it!


Integration (and Automation) is the Future:  Major System Integration – Nathan Parr (Session A)

The systems we use to operate our facilities are becoming more inter-connected every day.  Facility stewards who want to be effective and efficient in their operations are integrating and automating as much as they can.  This session will explore what integration means and the best way to consider systems and products for the future.


How Clean is Clean? – Nathan Parr (Session B)

It is reasonable to state that everyone wants a clean facility.  Unfortunately, it is also reasonable to say that the definition of what “clean” means varies from facility to facility.  This session will look at defining clean in the most objective terms and detailing ways to ensure your teams have the best chance of achieving true “clean”.


Facility Management 101 – Nathan Parr (Session C)

What are the basic skills a facility steward should possess?  This session is designed for audience participation.  Come with your questions, thoughts and ideas.  We will discuss means and methods to be more competent and successful in facility stewardship and connect with each other to strengthen our peer support.


Benchmarking:  How Does Your Church Operations Compare to Other Churches? – Nathan Parr (Session D)

We all try to be resourceful and cost-effective.  Every dollar we save in one area allows us to invest in another.  To know where you can improve, it is beneficial to see how you compare to other facilities that operate similarly as you.  In this session, we will review the results of a national church facility-focused benchmarking project and share what we found.  We will look at national averages as well as results for more targeted square footage numbers.


Facilities Budgeting – Panel facilitated by Doug Rogers (Session C)

Do you struggle with creating a facilities budget?  Ever feel like no one is listening?  What do decision makers really want to know when it comes to the final budget?  What are some best practices for keeping up with your budget on a daily basis?  Join us and hear from executive ministers, church finance elders, pastors, and veteran facility managers as they address some of the nuts and bolts of church budgeting.