College & Single Adults

Starting a College Ministry from Scratch – Paul Calcote (Session C)

Learn how to start a college ministry, develop a leadership team, and find more information about college ministries via podcasts, Facebook groups, books and blogs.  Attendees will walk away with a practical step-by-step plan to find, reach and disciple college students in their church, community or city.


10 Steps to Take Your College Ministry from Good to Great – Paul Calcote (Session D)

Attendees will build on what they learned in the Starting a College Ministry from Scratch workshop.  We will discuss 10 steps to take your college ministry from good to great, including spiritual formation, understanding faithfulness and success, teaching and planning well, building relationships, creating memories through mission trips and retreats, leveraging social media, assimilation into the larger church context, and making it fun!


Relating, Dating and Marrying – Steve Crain (Session C, D)

Young people today want to have godly relationships, but many have grown up in broken homes and lost hope.  They are taking their cues from a world marked by divorce, absent parents and changing morality and need direction and support.  The first institution the enemy attacked was a marriage between a man and a woman.  Today, he has set out to corrupt the minds of those who would even consider marriage.  Our youth need strong role models like never before.  Attendees will learn to instill confidence in Biblical principles and prepare the next generation.


Reaching and Engaging Single Parent and Blended Families – Holly Crain (Session A)

The U.S. has moved from mostly traditional married couples raising their children to a diverse family structure.  50% of adults are single and 1/3 of all marriages form a stepfamily.  Single parent families tend to stay in the shadows, hoping not to be noticed.  Blended families look like a traditional family, but they aren’t.  When we open our doors and acknowledge, accept and minister to these families, they begin to heal and find the unconditional love of Christ they are looking for.  Learn to identify key dynamics of single parent and blended families and practical ways to engage them in family ministry.


Next Steps to a Sustainable Single Parent Family Ministry – Holly Crain (Session B)

In the U.S. today, there are nearly 15 million single parents raising over 22 million children and 300% more single moms than in 1960.  Identifying these families and establishing a pathway to church is critical.  Two reasons single parent families do not attend church are perceived judgment and feeling like “the odd man out”.  Attendees will understand obstacles of the single parent family, the ministry’s purpose, and walk away with a simple ministry plan for these families.