Leadership & Ministry Development

Women in Ministry – Amy Cargle (Session C)

The number of women in ministry leadership roles is on the rise, but has the culture kept up with this growth?  This panel of women will discuss their experiences serving in various ministry roles, including pastor, administrator, finance director and marriage ministry director.  They will explore the role of women in ministry leadership, the importance of mentoring, overcoming challenges, and finding balance and support.


Beyond Servant Leadership:  How Various Leadership Styles Impact Your Ministry – Amy Cargle (Session D)

One of the most commonly discussed leadership styles is servant leadership.  However, one size does not fit all.  This workshop will examine diverse leadership styles, including transformational, servant, charismatic, authentic and transactional.  You may demonstrate all of these styles or just one.  Understanding various leadership styles can help you impact your ministry, connect with and inspire your staff, handle difficult situations, and lead your team and members more effectively.


Headline-Proof Your Ministry:  10 Integrity Tips – Michael Martin & Nicole Wallenfelsz (Session A)

Your ministry is under the microscope.  In today’s era of soundbites and social media, perceptions have the power to bring your ministry’s mission to a screeching halt.  Learn 10 tips for demonstrating the highest standards in board governance, financial management and stewardship.  Attendees will be able to spot major pitfalls causing ministries to stumble, enhance trust by incorporating integrity standards into your ministry, and create opportunities for communicating your commitment to integrity to givers.


Relevant Discipleship Coaching – Nelson & Pam Roth (Session B, D)

Imagine what it might look like to carry out the Great Commission on a daily basis.  Relevant Discipleship is the coaching approach that leads to transformation and multiplication.  It is the pathway inspired by the chronological stages of Jesus’ ministry as discussed in Nelson’s book, Relevant Discipleship Pathway.  Attendees will take away a practical and Biblical method to be a disciple maker, using techniques that lead to life-changing conversations and the ongoing process of discipleship.


Transformational Coaching Model – Nelson & Pam Roth (Session A, C)

The Transformational Coaching Model facilitates the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover their preferred future with a plan to move forward.  It is principle-based, capturing responses from Nehemiah’s challenge of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem and as described in Nelson and Pam’s book, Nehemiah Response:  a coaching model.  Walk away confident about having coaching conversations with others, self-coaching, and the realization of transformation.


Intelligent Growth Strategies for Building Programs and Campaigns – Pete Ed Garrett & Nathan Artt (Session A, B, C)

Building expansion programs are the largest capital investment a church will undertake.  Having financial certainty early in the process reduces anxiety.  Successful church programs develop building initiatives around financial strategies leveraged from the private equity market, rather than creating financial budgets based on a building program.  Experts from Studio RED Architects and Ministry Solutions will delve into these strategies and the resulting programming, master planning and concept design process.


Background Checks:  What You Need to Know to Protect Your Ministry – David Rogers (Session A, D)

Join Protect My Ministry as they discuss recent U.S. trends in background screening.  A review of over 1.6 million church background checks was eye-opening and alarming!  Make sure you’re not missing critical data that could endanger your members.  Learn how to determine if you are running the correct background check, best practices for child protection policies, common myths and beliefs, what you need to know about the FCRA, and what technology can do to improve your process.


The Untapped Opportunity:  Special Needs Families – Daniel Williams (Session A)

Families with special needs are desperate to find a church that will love and embrace them.  This session is intended to introduce churches to the need for special needs ministry and provide a primer on starting one.  Attendees will learn what constitutes a special needs family, what they need from the church, the current state of the church’s response to their needs, and how embracing these families can impact your church.


Understanding the Special Needs Family – Daniel Williams (Session B)

The families of those with disabilities differ from the typical family.  Gain insights into those differences, why they exist, and how friends, family and the church can better support the “least of these.”  Attendees will learn what special needs families want you to know, what you shouldn’t do when encountering them, what you should do to embrace and support them on their journey, and God’s purpose in disability.


Dealing with Criticism in Ministry – CJ Malott (Session C)

Working on a church staff is filled with countless rewarding experiences, from the simple joy of serving our Lord to shepherding His people.  Working at church is also about people, and with people comes criticism.  Criticism can be public or private, about programs or personalities, and seasonal or consistent.  We often take criticism personally.  How we respond says a lot about us and how we will move forward professionally.  We will look at ways to deal with and overcome criticism when it happens.


Church Security:  Is Your Church Safe? – Panel facilitated by Scott Farrar (Session A)

Learn how to proactively create or enhance your church’s security plan to respond effectively in emergency situations.  Discuss the delicate balance of extending grace while managing risk.  Bring your security-related questions to our experienced team and leave with helpful approaches for protecting your congregation.


Integrating Faith and Work – Son Vuong & Tommy Smith (Session B, D)

Your church is filled with people who love God, but they may struggle with how to bring a Christian perspective to their daily work.  How can we help them connect their faith with their work?  Attendees will gain an understanding of the objectives and goals of business leaders in their congregation, insight into challenges that business leaders face in today’s post-Christian culture, and practical ways to help them integrate faith and work.