Doug Clark

Doug grew up as a preacher’s kid and missionary kid before serving in pastoral ministry for over 20 years.  His passion is connecting with people and organizations where they are and assisting them in taking the next step to get to where God is leading them.


Doug’s infectious enthusiasm for leading individuals and the church into understanding the beauty of generosity has been a hallmark of his calling.  His most recent book, Generosity:  The Perfect Drug is an expression of that enthusiasm.  Doug is a Senior Consultant with Ministry Renewal and has had the distinct honor of assisting churches and individuals across the nation step into greater levels of generosity in order to fulfill their God given mandate.


Sitting still is not in Doug’s make up.  In his free time you will find him either traversing a mountain on his bike, playing a round of golf, swimming laps or participating in any number of sport activities that might be at his disposal.  Doug divides his time between Spokane, WA and Phoenix, AZ.