Personnel & Human Resources

How to Establish Your Staff Values and Build a Winning Team Culture

William Vanderbloemen (Sessions A, B)

Building a winning team culture is hard work, but it’s crucial to retaining a high capacity church staff.  The foundation to a winning culture is establishing staff values that unify your team.  Learn how to establish your staff’s values, develop leaders, and build a winning culture where staff and volunteers are lining up to get on board.

Who Will Lead After You?  Your Guide to Effective Pastoral Succession Planning 

William Vanderbloemen (Sessions C, D)

Every pastor is an interim pastor.  Your personal succession plan has a direct impact on your church’s legacy and long-term health.  William Vanderbloemen, pastor of 15 years and author of NEXT:  Pastoral Succession That Works, will teach you how to prepare yourself and your church for its next generation of leadership as you transition well and finish strong.

Medicare Made Clear 

Michelle Feagin (Sessions A, B, C, D) 

This workshop provides basic information about Medicare for Human Resources, individuals considering Medicare enrollment, and caregivers for parents.  Come learn about the parts of Medicare, enrollment, and coverage options.  The workshop is interactive and includes time for Q&A.

Onboarding:  Crucial Elements for New Hires 

Chad Carter (Sessions A, D)

Your organization can experience 50% greater new hire productivity with this one thing.  Come to this workshop and you’ll learn:  1) when you should begin the onboarding process, 2) the onboarding bottom line, 3) best onboarding practices from Chick-fil-A, and 4) specific takeaways you can start immediately.

Employee Engagement:  A Blueprint for a Flourishing Culture 

Chad Carter  (Session B)

Is an unhealthy staff culture hindering your ministry’s effectiveness?  Using a model from the best Christian Workplaces Institute, this workshop will include “real-time” action plans based on case studies from healthy/pioneering organizations.  After attending this workshop, you will be able to:  1) discover the current level of staff engagement for your organization, 2) understand the Essential Drivers of a Flourishing Culture, and 3) develop concrete steps to achieve actionable results in your organization.

Performance Management:  Growing People Who Grow Your Ministry 

Chad Carter (Session C)

Managers and employees dread performance reviews, but when you participate in this workshop, you’ll gain practical insight, best practices, and hands-on tools for success at every step of the performance review process.  After attending this workshop, you will be able to:  1) identify healthy habits vs. common mistakes, 2) apply Christ-centered principles in your review discussions and through regular, candid, ongoing feedback, and 3) set simple goals that develop both the person and the organization.

The Hiring Process:  Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization 

CJ Malott (Sessions C, D)

Are thoughts of having to make another hire draining you?  Does your organization deal with constant turnover?  Do you feel like you struggle to find the right person for the right job?  During this session, we will talk about developing a process to make staff hiring more efficient and effective.

A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Ministry 

Paula Burns & Gary Benson  (Sessions B, C)

In this workshop, we will be using a flowchart system to review coverage essentials every nonprofit organization needs to have in place.  Attendees will be given tools on how to respond to common liability exposures and identify coverage gaps.  Practical step-by-step instructions will be given on how to mitigate different issues that most ministries face on a daily basis.

Breaking Negative Patterns of Interaction 

Roy Wooten  (Session A)

You get along well with every coworker except for that one person you try to avoid.  If you are tired of the same old negative patterns of interaction, this workshop is for you.  Discover nine distinct patterns of interaction and where you might be stuck with that coworker.  Uncover possible reasons the nasty dance continues.  Learn what you can do, unilaterally, to change the negative and start a new, positive pattern of interaction.

Terminating Employees Safely 

Frank Sommerville  (Session D)

This workshop will address legal ways to reduce the risk of a lawsuit by former employees.  Good risk management means hiring right in the first place.  It also means managing them properly.  When an employee does not perform, we will discuss the options available.  Finally, we will discuss the impact the ministerial exception has on the termination process.