Personal & Spiritual Development

Speak with Confidence:  Overcome Fear, Speak with Clarity, and Quickly Write Talks 

Arlen Busenitz (Session B)

Do you speak with confidence and command attention?  Do people routinely say, “You are a clear speaker and easy to follow?”  In this fun, energetic, and informative workshop, you will learn the secrets to being a confident speaker and writing clear, compelling speeches in minimal time.  Teachers, speakers, small-group leaders, and anyone who has to stand up and give a talk will benefit.

Become a More Impactful & Unforgettable Speaker in One Hour 

Arlen Busenitz (Session C)

Do you want to positively impact people as a teacher, speaker, or small group leader?  In this fun and energetic session, you’ll learn how to be a speaker who changes lives and holds attention.

7 Ministry Lessons I Learned the Hard Way 

Arlen Busenitz (Session D)

In this practical workshop, Arlen will share seven ministry lessons he wished he had known starting off in ministry.  You will learn what threw Arlen into burnout and how to prevent it, the four-word phrase which is the key to true life change, how to find freedom by understanding what it means to join God’s work, and so much more!

Shrink the Gap 

Arlen Busenitz (Session A)

Do you find a gap between where you are and where you want to be?  Maybe it’s financial, career, relationship, ministry, or personal habits.  Learn proven strategies to grow in your knowledge skills and application.  Create a personal development plan so you are growing every week.  Break bad habits and replace them with new ones.  Learn how to use the 1% rule for rapid and lasting personal growth.

Courageous Conversations 

Roy Wooten (Session D)

Whether in the office or at home, hard conversations are a necessary part of every relationship.  Not having the conversation usually means the issue is not resolved and continues to cause the relationship to struggle.  Having the conversation might cost the relationship something of value.  Participants will discuss what gets in the way of the difficult conversations, the keys to setting up courageous conversations and will discover a formula for moving through the barriers to have the conversation.

Fear Busting 

Roy Wooten (Session C)

God calls us to be strong and courageous, yet he built us with the protective radar that leads to fear.  How can you face your fears to be all God has called you to be?  During this workshop, you will learn how God made your brain to experience fear, discover how to know when fear is a barrier for you, and develop an exercise to help you move through your fear to be all God called you to be.

Serving with Difficult People 

Stephen Trammell (Session C)

Where there is motion, there is friction.  In this workshop, two questions will be addressed:  Why does God allow difficult people into your life?  How do you serve with difficult people in your life?  Overcoming the friction of difficult relationships will be explored with a focus on gaining clarity on how to serve with difficult people in a way that honors Christ and promotes unity.

Effective Time Management 

Jonathan Smith  (Session B)

There is always too much to do and never enough time.  How do you accomplish your objectives while also balancing life in-line with biblical priorities?  How do you manage/handle people so that you are effective with your time?  We will talk about gaining control of your schedule, doing more with the time you have, distinguishing between being effective and being busy, controlling interruptions and better communication.

Creating a Culture of Service 

David Reed  (Session A)

Creating a “Culture of Service” should be the goal for every organization, but can be one of the most difficult goals to accomplish.  This workshop will include the Top 10 customer turnoffs, keys to excellent service, diffusing an angry church member or customer, and internal & external service that results in better relationships.


David Reed  (Session B, C)

Whether you are communicating a message within your team, to your customers, or to an entire congregation, there is a skill to choosing the correct instrument and creating a message that will be received and understood by the intended recipients.  This workshop discusses various methods of communication and how & when each should be used when communicating.  Topics will include email, texting, phone and face-to-face communication.