Operations & Facilities

Roofing 101:  Managing Your Property’s Assets 

Monica Keels (Sessions A, B, C, D)

This workshop covers the benefits of proactively maintaining your roof, building envelope and parking garage.  You will learn industry best practices and will leave with tools to help you begin your own internal program.  You will also learn about technology that can assist with collecting data to carry out and track your proactive maintenance plan, which can ultimately save valuable dollars and get the most life possible out of your building envelope components.

Let Color Inspire All Your Maintenance Painting Needs 

Pete Jones (Sessions A, B, C, D)

Paint is so much more than just color.  Learn about new trends in the coatings industry, both interior and exterior, that will not only beautify but will also improve the life of your asset.  Also learn how Sherwin Williams’ National Account partnership with the Church CO+OP provides services and value for the maintenance of your property.

Casting Your Vision for Facility Growth 

Katie Burch & Marissa Buckner (Sessions A, D)

Understanding your vision for the church and long-term planning is key!  Vision Casting, Programming, Master Planning and Feasibility Studies are all tools your church can use to develop a long-term plan for growing your church facilities whether you are looking to renovate, add-on, or build your facility new from the ground up.  Through planning, you can prioritize and phase your building projects so your congregation can take ownership of and truly embrace them.

Church Buildings:  An Overview 

Katie Burch & Marissa Buckner (Session B)

Pastors, elders, and leaders beginning the process of renovation or construction are faced with the questions of where to begin, when to hire professionals, and how to successfully oversee the many details of their building project.  This workshop gives you the tools and knowledge to successfully lead your church’s renovation or new building construction from beginning to end.

Top to Bottom:  Restroom Cleaning 

Ken Crumpler, Clarke & Harrison Fegia (Sessions A, D) 

 This presentation will educate you on the new technologies and procedures of restroom cleaning.  Restroom cleanliness is one of the most common complaints facilities receive.  Come learn about proper procedures, new equipment available, and new technologies to help keep your restrooms clean and safe.

Working Smart:  OSHA Regulations and Blood Borne Pathogens 

Geoff Abbott (Sessions B, C)

Are the cleaning chemicals in your facilities safe and do they meet OSHA regulations?  How can we keep our facilities clean and safe?  This workshop will go through OSHA regulations, products safety and trends we are seeing in Texas schools.  Learn what a proper OSHA Hazard Communication Standard looks like, and how to educate your staff and contractors.

Behavioral Modification:  Jedi Mind Tricks to Create Change and Reduce Absenteeism 

Chris Barreca (Sessions A, B, C, D)

The CDC reports that over two-thirds of U.S. students miss school over a one-year period due to illness or injury.  Illness related absences can be improved dramatically through a proper hand hygiene program.  Come learn about using behavioral sciences to create a culture of hand hygiene and increase opportunities for learning.

Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Facilities 

Rick Cadden (Session B, D)

Taking care of facilities can be a daunting task, especially the bigger and more complex you become.  Whatever size facility you manage though, there are basics that can help you manage and be effective.  In this workshop, you will learn the theory of facility management, preliminary procedures to implement before you start, and then how to do it.  The workbook provided will give you many practical methods that you can implement at your facility to help you be more effective and save money.

Food Safety 

Alberto Alfonzo (Sessions A, C)

This workshop teaches food safety so that attendees will be prepared to pass the on-line food handlers permit requirements.

Kitchen Inventory, Labor and Food Cost Calculations 

Alberto Alfonzo (Sessions B, D)

This workshop gives best practices for accurate kitchen inventory utilizing in-house systems or Sysco Mobil Inventory program.  Includes proper techniques for calculating food cost and labor costs.

Q & A with the Facilities Experts:  Tech Talks for Dummies 

Carter Bliss, Moderator (Session B)

Facility operations are becoming increasingly complex every day.  Computers control everything from microwave ovens to an entire campus.  Whether you are new to facility operations or a seasoned expert, this open forum discussion with our panel of licensed experts will help you understand not only how each device or system functions independently, but also the possibilities that exist by interconnecting them to achieve unrivaled labor savings and operating efficiencies.

Operating an Emergency Shelter:  Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey 

Carter Bliss (Session C)

Hurricane Harvey rolled into Houston with disastrous and unprecedented effects, quickly overwhelming first responder, government, and Red Cross resources.  As a result, some churches were unexpectedly called upon to serve as a shelter for evacuees, a feeding center, or a collection and distribution point for donated supplies and services.  This workshop will provide a basic understanding of what is required to operate a pop up emergency shelter.  We’ll discuss everything from advance preparations to best operating practices.  We’ll also spend some time talking about the cost and benefits of becoming a Red Cross approved shelter.  Bring your question – and your stories – for an interactive and informative discussion.

Facility Solutions Discussion

Nathan Parr & Tim Cool (Session D)

There are many ways that all of us have found to improve and maintain our facility with limited funds.  We all have tips and tricks that have made our life easier.  This workshop is an opportunity to not only ask any facility related question you are curious about; it is also an opportunity to come together and share what we have learned.  Who knows, you may have the answer that another has been searching for.  Participants will be able to share their successes and fill their “answer bank” from others as we develop community and help each other.

Practical Steps to Securing Your Space

Nathan Parr (Session A, C)

In the world today, the need for attainable security is paramount.  This workshop is designed to provide an overview of areas that any organization can implement to increase the security in their facility.  Areas include policies, equipment (cameras, access control, radios, etc.), and intervention capable personnel.  Participants will come away with realistic ways to begin the security improvement process at any budget level.

Facility Staffing Considerations:  In-House, Out-Source, and Volunteers 

Nathan Parr (Session B)

Being the best steward of your resources will always require an intentional consideration of staffing needs.  However, not everyone is called to be a human resources guru.  So how do you evaluate and decide what is the best choice for your ministry?  This workshop will provide pros and cons of each type of personnel, ways to evaluate which works best for you, and practical guidelines for making the best choice for your ministry.