Ministry Tools

Basics of Evernote 

CJ Malott (Session A)

They come in different sizes and colors, but are sticky notes really all that effective?  Learn about an application that is growing in popularity and more so in productivity:  Evernote.  Maybe you already use it, but need tips and tricks on using it more effectively.  Come learn about a tool that will help you say goodbye to sticky notes.

Advanced Evernote 

CJ Malott (Session B)

This workshop is for those that have used Evernote in the past and have a pretty good grasp of it, but are looking for some new tips and tricks to make the app more effective personally or as a ministry tool.

The Features and Power Behind Rock RMS 

Jason Gibb (Session B)

Rock RMS is crafted to make you a ministry superhero with a balance of simplicity and power. Come to this workshop and learn more about this new church management system, and the possibility of hosting it completely free of charge on Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud platform.

ShelbyNext:  All-In-One Church Management 

Steele Billings & Kristy Shotwell (Session C)

ShelbyNext is the system that churches all over the world are choosing as their modern church ministry software.  With the ShelbyNext Total Ministry Package, you can manage your accounting, membership, giving, and website all in one place and delegate members of your team to each area.  Come learn how this technology will change everything when it comes to growing your ministry and becoming more efficient.

Grow Your Church Through Member Engagement

Steele Billings (Session B)

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if more people in your church were plugged in?  Members that are excited about their digital profile with the church and track their giving and pledge status.  Volunteers that go searching for new opportunities to serve.  Visitors that easily find groups that speak to their walk of life.  By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to use key metrics to track the interactions between the ministry and their members/visitors, provide appealing content that draws members to actually use a digital church management tool, and have a plan to maximize the success of their digital giving and/or church management tools.

MS Excel:  Beyond the Basics 

Glenn Wood (Session A)

This workshop is designed to teach skills, techniques, and explain practical uses of selected MS Excel functions.  Attendees will walk away with a detailed handout with step-by-step practical application of how to use the Fill Handle, proper page setup, formatting pages and reports, and similar techniques.

MS Excel:  Advanced Functions

 Glenn Wood (Sessions B, C)

This workshop is designed to teach MS Excel techniques on an Intermediate to Advanced skill level.  Topics include the VLOOKUP function, Absolute and Relative cell references, working with dates, and Pivot Tables to name a few.

MinistryPlatform Church Management Software

Ken Emert & Chris Kehayais  (Session C) 

MinistryPlatform is a browser based application that will allow your team to manage people, events, groups, donations and just about any other bit of information that you need.  The core application is designed to provide the data management tools necessary for data entry, reporting, and data extraction.  We provide you with the base, and once you are live on the system, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with MinistryPlatform.  Come check out this demo.

Fund EZ Accounting Software:  FASB Compliant 

Ken Emert & Tom Guffin (Session D)

Is it time to look at a new option for your accounting software?  Are you looking for a solution that is truly FASB compliant and provides better reporting options?  Come check out the demo of Fund EZ that offers a fund accounting solution designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Pivot Tables:  Data Analysis Tool 

Ken Emert (Session B)

Microsoft Excel provides an outstanding tool to analyze your data at a macro level.  It works with both financial and non-financial data and can be used to observe trends, variances, etc.  If you can export your data into Excel, you can utilize Pivot Tables.