Texas Ministry Conference – New Workshops, New Speakers, New Experience

The Texas Ministry Conference℠ is proud to offer workshops in a variety of categories that will benefit ministry positions at every level, including laity, board members, volunteers, and paid staff. We are developing our workshops and recruiting our speakers so that we can offer you classes that are relevant to current ministry needs. Check back with us to review our full listing of both workshops and speakers.

Continuing Education Credits

TCN (NACBA) Credit: The Texas Ministry Conference is a National Registered Continuing Education Provider (NRCEP) with The Church Network (TCN)/National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA). This program is a premier comprehensive continuing education program related to administration in the local church.
​It is designed to enhance the ongoing professional development of TCN members and other ministry professionals, through the offering of quality learning experiences. To persons registering and attending workshops, 0.1 CEUs will be granted per workshop of lecture, presentation, or discussion on approved topics.



Personnel and Human Resources

How to Establish Your Staff Values and Build a Winning Team Culture  – William Vanderbloemen (Sessions A, B)Building a winning team culture is hard work, but it’s crucial to retaining a high capacity church staff.  The foundation to a winning culture is establishing staff values that unify your team.  Learn how to establish your staff’s values, develop leaders, and build a winning culture where staff and volunteers are lining up to get on board.

Who Will Lead After You?  Your Guide to Effective Pastoral Succession Planning – William Vanderbloemen (Sessions C, D)Every pastor is an interim pastor.  Your personal succession plan has a direct impact on your church’s legacy and long-term health.  William Vanderbloemen, pastor of 15 years and author of NEXT:  Pastoral Succession That Works, will teach you how to prepare yourself and your church for its next generation of leadership as you transition well and finish strong.

Medicare Made Clear – Michelle Feagin (Sessions A, B, C, D)This workshop provides basic information about Medicare for Human Resources, individuals considering Medicare enrollment, and caregivers for parents.  Come learn about the parts of Medicare, enrollment, and coverage options.  The workshop is interactive and includes time for Q&A.

Onboarding:  Crucial Elements for New Hires – Chad Carter (Sessions A, D)Your organization can experience 50% greater new hire productivity with this one thing.  Come to this workshop and you’ll learn:  1) when you should begin the onboarding process, 2) the onboarding bottom line, 3) best onboarding practices from Chick-fil-A, and 4) specific takeaways you can start immediately.

Employee Engagement:  A Blueprint for a Flourishing Culture – Chad Carter  (Session B)Is an unhealthy staff culture hindering your ministry’s effectiveness?  Using a model from the best Christian Workplaces Institute, this workshop will include “real-time” action plans based on case studies from healthy/pioneering organizations.  After attending this workshop, you will be able to:  1) discover the current level of staff engagement for your organization, 2) understand the Essential Drivers of a Flourishing Culture, and 3) develop concrete steps to achieve actionable results in your organization.

Performance Management:  Growing People Who Grow Your Ministry – Chad Carter (Session C). Managers and employees dread performance reviews, but when you participate in this workshop, you’ll gain practical insight, best practices, and hands-on tools for success at every step of the performance review process.  After attending this workshop, you will be able to:  1) identify healthy habits vs. common mistakes, 2) apply Christ-centered principles in your review discussions and through regular, candid, ongoing feedback, and 3) set simple goals that develop both the person and the organization.

The Hiring Process:  Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization – CJ Malott (Sessions C, D)Are thoughts of having to make another hire draining you?  Does your organization deal with constant turnover?  Do you feel like you struggle to find the right person for the right job?  During this session, we will talk about developing a process to make staff hiring more efficient and effective.

A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Ministry Paula Burns & Gary Benson  (Sessions B, C). In this workshop, we will be using a flowchart system to review coverage essentials every nonprofit organization needs to have in place.  Attendees will be given tools on how to respond to common liability exposures and identify coverage gaps.  Practical step-by-step instructions will be given on how to mitigate different issues that most ministries face on a daily basis.

Breaking Negative Patterns of Interaction Roy Wooten  (Session A). You get along well with every coworker except for that one person you try to avoid.  If you are tired of the same old negative patterns of interaction, this workshop is for you.  Discover nine distinct patterns of interaction and where you might be stuck with that coworker.  Uncover possible reasons the nasty dance continues.  Learn what you can do, unilaterally, to change the negative and start a new, positive pattern of interaction.

Terminating Employees SafelyFrank Sommerville  (Session D). This workshop will address legal ways to reduce the risk of a lawsuit by former employees.  Good risk management means hiring right in the first place.  It also means managing them properly.  When an employee does not perform, we will discuss the options available.  Finally, we will discuss the impact the ministerial exception has on the termination process.


Finance, Finance, Tax & Legal 

Designing Your Internal Control System – Ashley Voss (Sessions A, C). From integrated accounting software and mobile expense reporting, to cloud-based systems and remote deposits, the operating environment is changing.  However, the need for strong internal controls is not.  In this workshop, we will update your understanding of a successful internal control system, learn how to design and implement it, and discuss ways to craft advanced internal controls.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Internal Control System – Ashley Voss (Sessions B, D). So, you’ve designed and implemented an internal control system.  Now, how do you measure its effectiveness?  In this workshop, we will learn techniques for measuring the effectiveness and mitigate the weaknesses of your internal control system, and discuss what’s next after you’ve successfully designed and implemented an effective internal control system.

Got Problems?  We Have Solutions! – Frank & Elaine Sommerville (Sessions B, C). With many areas of the economy still struggling, the need for financial assistance continues to grow in our communities. Whether the need arises from unemployment, a health crisis or an unforeseen natural disaster, our communities routinely look to the church for emergency provisions. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the available resources, it is necessary to have a well thought out benevolence program that can be clearly communicated to the recipients as well as efficiently administered by the church. This session will explore the factors to consider in creating a benevolence policy along with ways to implement and operate a benevolence program.

Payroll:  Navigating Through the Maze – Elaine Sommerville (Session D)Few areas of administration cause greater concern and frustration than the area of payroll processing and reporting.  This workshop will identify some of the traps as well as provide a few tips and tricks to mastering this important area of administration.

Avoiding Landmines in Compensation and Conflicts of Interest – Vonna Laue (Sessions A, B). This workshop will provide a better understanding of the difficulties to plan for and avoid in the areas of compensation as well as conflicts of interest.  Your participation will allow you to 1) be better equipped to develop a compensation philosophy with specific goals, 2) understand the components of an effective conflict of interest policy, and 3) identify the key practices for handling conflicts of interest.

Increasing Your Financial Awareness – Vonna Laue  (Sessions C, D). This workshop is intended to provide those outside the day-to-day financial operations with information on how to better read and understand the numbers as it relates to their areas of leadership.  You will learn to 1) understand the basic financial statements and the related information they convey, 2) identify key financial indicators for a ministry, and 3) improve communication with those in the finance department.

Changes to Nonprofit Financial Reporting – Tonja Rodriguez, CPA (Sessions B, D). In August 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board released the most sweeping changes to Nonprofit Organization reporting in 20 years.  The purpose of the new standard is to provide more transparency and comparability to assist donors and decision makers in analyzing the financial health of an organization.  Attendees will receive an overview of the new requirements, examples of new liquidity and cash management disclosures, and best practices for implementation.

Chart of Accounts:  Time to Tweak or Rebuild? – Ken Emert (Sessions A). What should a good chart of accounts look like?  Many times, what served your organization well when it was smaller has become outdated and cumbersome as you have grown and ministries have changed.  Is it time to consider making a change?  How radical of a change should be considered?

7 Church Stats Worth Tracking – Rick Cadden (Session A, C). This workshop is designed to give you time-tested, practical, and relevant information.  Included are chart and graph illustrations that teach you how to develop data trends from your financial records.  These trends can be used to better guide you in decision making and tell a story of where you have been, where you are today, and where you are headed financially.  Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of financial charts, trends, forecasting, and budgeting.

Operations and Facilities

Roofing 101:  Managing Your Property’s Assets – Monica Keels (Sessions A, B, C, D)This workshop covers the benefits of proactively maintaining your roof, building envelope and parking garage.  You will learn industry best practices and will leave with tools to help you begin your own internal program.  You will also learn about technology that can assist with collecting data to carry out and track your proactive maintenance plan, which can ultimately save valuable dollars and get the most life possible out of your building envelope components.

Let Color Inspire All Your Maintenance Painting Needs – Pete Jones (Sessions A, B, C, D)Paint is so much more than just color.  Learn about new trends in the coatings industry, both interior and exterior, that will not only beautify but will also improve the life of your asset.  Also learn how Sherwin Williams’ National Account partnership with the Church CO+OP provides services and value for the maintenance of your property.

Casting Your Vision for Facility Growth – Katie Burch & Marissa Buckner (Sessions A, D)Understanding your vision for the church and long-term planning is key!  Vision Casting, Programming, Master Planning and Feasibility Studies are all tools your church can use to develop a long-term plan for growing your church facilities whether you are looking to renovate, add-on, or build your facility new from the ground up.  Through planning, you can prioritize and phase your building projects so your congregation can take ownership of and truly embrace them.

Church Buildings:  An Overview – Katie Burch & Marissa Buckner (Session B)Pastors, elders, and leaders beginning the process of renovation or construction are faced with the questions of where to begin, when to hire professionals, and how to successfully oversee the many details of their building project.  This workshop gives you the tools and knowledge to successfully lead your church’s renovation or new building construction from beginning to end.

Top to Bottom:  Restroom Cleaning – Ken Crumpler, Clarke & Harrison Fegia (Sessions A, D)This presentation will educate you on the new technologies and procedures of restroom cleaning.  Restroom cleanliness is one of the most common complaints facilities receive.  Come learn about proper procedures, new equipment available, and new technologies to help keep your restrooms clean and safe.

Working Smart:  OSHA Regulations and Blood Borne Pathogens – Geoff Abbott (Sessions B, C). Are the cleaning chemicals in your facilities safe and do they meet OSHA regulations?  How can we keep our facilities clean and safe?  This workshop will go through OSHA regulations, products safety and trends we are seeing in Texas schools.  Learn what a proper OSHA Hazard Communication Standard looks like, and how to educate your staff and contractors.

Behavioral Modification:  Jedi Mind Tricks to Create Change and Reduce Absenteeism – Chris Barreca (Sessions A, B, C, D). The CDC reports that over two-thirds of U.S. students miss school over a one-year period due to illness or injury.  Illness related absences can be improved dramatically through a proper hand hygiene program.  Come learn about using behavioral sciences to create a culture of hand hygiene and increase opportunities for learning.

Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Facilities – Rick Cadden (Session B, D).Taking care of facilities can be a daunting task, especially the bigger and more complex you become.  Whatever size facility you manage though, there are basics that can help you manage and be effective.  In this workshop, you will learn the theory of facility management, preliminary procedures to implement before you start, and then how to do it.  The workbook provided will give you many practical methods that you can implement at your facility to help you be more effective and save money.

Food Safety –Alberto Alfonzo (Sessions A, C). This workshop teaches food safety so that attendees will be prepared to pass the on-line food handlers permit requirements.

Kitchen Inventory, Labor and Food Cost Calculations –Alberto Alfonzo (Sessions B, D). This workshop gives best practices for accurate kitchen inventory utilizing in-house systems or Sysco Mobil Inventory program.  Includes proper techniques for calculating food cost and labor costs.

Q & A with the Facilities Experts:  Tech Talks for Dummies – Carter Bliss, Moderator (Session B). Facility operations are becoming increasingly complex every day.  Computers control everything from microwave ovens to an entire campus.  Whether you are new to facility operations or a seasoned expert, this open forum discussion with our panel of licensed experts will help you understand not only how each device or system functions independently, but also the possibilities that exist by interconnecting them to achieve unrivaled labor savings and operating efficiencies.

​Operating an Emergency Shelter:  Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey – Carter Bliss (Session C)Hurricane Harvey rolled into Houston with disastrous and unprecedented effects, quickly overwhelming first responder, government, and Red Cross resources.  As a result, some churches were unexpectedly called upon to serve as a shelter for evacuees, a feeding center, or a collection and distribution point for donated supplies and services.  This workshop will provide a basic understanding of what is required to operate a pop up emergency shelter.  We’ll discuss everything from advance preparations to best operating practices.  We’ll also spend some time talking about the cost and benefits of becoming a Red Cross approved shelter.  Bring your question – and your stories – for an interactive and informative discussion.

Facility Solutions DiscussionNathan Parr & Tim Cool  (Session D). There are many ways that all of us have found to improve and maintain our facility with limited funds.  We all have tips and tricks that have made our life easier.  This workshop is an opportunity to not only ask any facility related question you are curious about; it is also an opportunity to come together and share what we have learned.  Who knows, you may have the answer that another has been searching for.  Participants will be able to share their successes and fill their “answer bank” from others as we develop community and help each other.

Practical Steps to Securing Your SpaceNathan Parr  (Session A, C). In the world today, the need for attainable security is paramount.  This workshop is designed to provide an overview of areas that any organization can implement to increase the security in their facility.  Areas include policies, equipment (cameras, access control, radios, etc.), and intervention capable personnel.  Participants will come away with realistic ways to begin the security improvement process at any budget level.

Facility Staffing Considerations:  In-House, Out-Source, and VolunteersNathan Parr  (Session B). Being the best steward of your resources will always require an intentional consideration of staffing needs.  However, not everyone is called to be a human resources guru.  So how do you evaluate and decide what is the best choice for your ministry?  This workshop will provide pros and cons of each type of personnel, ways to evaluate which works best for you, and practical guidelines for making the best choice for your ministry.

Leadership and Ministry Development

Deep Listening & Powerful QuestionsGary Crowell (Sessions A, C)Discover how it is possible to use these two powerful elements of deep listening and powerful questions in relating to others in a ministry setting.  Understanding how to utilize these two incredible leadership coaching tools creates new awareness and leads to positive solutions.  You will quickly observe how you can incorporate these into the way you function in your ministry responsibilities to be more effective and productive.

Leadership Coaching for Success – Gary Crowell (Sessions B, D)Leadership coaching provides a highly functional framework to utilize in daily ministry responsibilities.  Discover and practice the proven three step model which can be easily mastered to become a key element in the way you relate to others in your work setting.  This skillset will become an essential tool in successfully accomplishing ministry tasks more effectively with less effort.

Becoming a Church that Reflects Your Community – David Fleming (Session A)Your church has a heart for the nations, but is your church reaching the nations that have moved in next door?  Churches that reach their community eventually reflect their community, but not without great intentionality.  This seminar will discuss strategies to more intentionally reflect your community in order to more effectively reach your community for Christ.

Moving from Solo to Multi-Site Ministry – David Fleming & Stephen Trammell (Session B). What does it take to move from addition to multiplication?  In this session, you will discover the key components to unleashing your church’s potential by moving from solo to multi-site ministry.  We will explore how to assess your current reality and how to build a system to accommodate the vision to transition into the multi-site ministry model.  Let’s put our hands to the plow and join God in His redemptive activity to multiply His ministry through us.

Acts of the Disciple:  What to Do, Avoid, and Encourage Assessment – Brent Johnson (Sessions A, D)In over 2000 years of experiences, the church sometimes veers off-track without realizing it.  This class is a call to reevaluate some traditions in church services, spiritual gifts, prayer and other areas in order to act in compliance with Christ.  The disciple will leverage scripture to identify general biblical actions in which to engage, avoid, and explore ideas to encourage keeping one on track.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Hiring, Firing, and Leading Staff – Tim Stevens (Sessions A, B). Most church leaders received little or no training on how to gracefully hire and fire team members.  Tim Stevens spent 29 years leading in ministry settings – and has been involved in hiring more than 200 people.  Now he helps pastors across the country with staffing issues.  In this session, Tim will talk about the top 10 things he has learned about hiring, firing, and leading staff.

How to Navigate Your Church Through Growth and Keep Your Sanity – Tim Stevens (Sessions C, D)Tim Stevens will share a behind-the-scenes view of Granger Community Church’s journey through 20 years of amazing growth and unexpected results.  But it didn’t end there – the recession hit, attendance declined, the vision got muddy, and some of their senior team relationships became a mess.  Tim will share what they did in the season of pain, and the strategic transition they worked through to regain momentum and discover a new vision.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader – Roy Wooten (Session B)Expressing emotions may have caused problems with employees in the past.  Keeping them inside seems to trip you up at work and home.  How can you take your God-given emotions and maximize their use for your success?  In this workshop, you will discover God-given emotions, learn how to recognize them in yourself and others, and develop ways to professionally express them in clean and direct ways that strengthen your leadership.

Three Mistakes that Will Prevent Your Leadership from Impacting People – Garland Vance (Sessions A, C)There are three common mistakes that will lessen the impact of your leadership:  burnout, lack of clarity, and failing to strategically manage time.  Learn what the dangers of these mistakes are and how to prevent them now.

How Busyness is Killing You & Destroying Your Ministry – Garland Vance (Sessions B, D)Everyone is busy.  In fact, it’s easy to think that busyness is God’s plan.  But busyness will kill you and your ministry.  Learn the dangers of busyness and how to live with greater productivity and peace.

How to Build an Incredible Volunteer Team – Steven Knight (Session B). Have you ever struggled with volunteer recruitment, training, or management?  Are you worried about who will be serving in your ministry on Sunday?  Most churches either struggle with managing volunteers or they have a significant lack of volunteers.  With a little hard work and a solid game plan, you can change the dynamics of volunteer leadership in your church.  Join us for this session if you’d like to learn about ways that you can recruit, train, equip, encourage, manage, and empower your volunteers.  We’ve got the game plan and some helpful tips – are you ready to build an incredible volunteer team?


Five Communication Mistakes That Turn Givers Away – Mark Slabaugh (Sessions C, D).​ How and what you communicate about giving is more than what you simply say during the offering moment.  You are communicating to givers throughout your communication layers.  What are they hearing?  You might be surprised.  Turn givers’ hearts back toward the joy of giving by avoiding common mistakes.

Preparing Your Church for A Capital Campaign – Mark Slabaugh  (Sessions A, B)There are many common pitfalls in the capital campaign journey that result in a less than ideal experience for the church.  This session will walk through designing a season of preparation and anticipation for the passionate pursuit of God-inspired vision.   Expanded & updated for the 2018 Texas Ministry Conference with resources and examples only available to session attendees.

10 Areas of Focus to Change Your Church’s Generosity Culture – Greg Morris (Sessions A, B)For far too long churches have accepted their default giving patterns and cultures.  Church leaders have relied on giving principles that are dated and tired.  The minds and motivations of givers today have changed dramatically.  If churches are to keep up, they must change their approach to funding their vision.  Learn ten principles that can help your church begin to fund and accomplish more of the vision God has given you.  These are strategies you can begin to implement today.

10 Pastoral Myths that Will Short Change Your Church’s Giving – Greg Morris (Sessions C, D). When it comes to the topic of money and giving, pastors and other church leaders have, over the years, consistently relied on the default ideas of the past and, as a result, experienced the same average – or below – giving.  In order to build a culture of extravagant generosity in your church, there are certain myths that must be exposed.  In this workshop, you will learn the 10 most common myths regarding giving and how to avoid their pitfalls.

Social Media and Communications

How to Tell a Story with Maximum Impact – Jon Gauger (Sessions A, B)This workshop will equip attendees with practical tools for making powerful impressions with donors and other ministry partners.  Attendees will learn the reasons that details are so critical for powerful story-telling, how to know which details to include and which to leave out, and where to find the rich details that breathe life when the story seems blah or dead!

How to Get Ideas – Jon Gauger (Sessions C, D). We all need ideas.  Desperately.  But where do they really come from?  This workshop directly challenges the notion that only some of us are “idea people”.  Attendees will come away equipped with a checklist of lifestyle symptoms that destroy our capacity for new ideas, specific lifestyle changes that enable us to start seeing ideas around us, and specific habits that enable us to seize those ideas and harness them for good.

Engaging People in a Mobile World – Brian Beaumont (Sessions B, C, D) . How do you get and keep the attention of generations who are constantly on the move, who have short attention spans, who don’t open emails, and who want instant access to all information at their fingertips?  Welcome to a mobile age, where desktop computers are used less than mobile devices, where people spend 4 hours a day on their smart phones, and where people want everything yesterday in high resolution.  Join us to hear about the mobile app world and how it is changing engagement.

 How Churches Can Use Social Media Safely and EffectivelyHolly Tate  (Session A, B). Social media is a powerful tool, but it also comes with risk.  Which social media platforms should your church use and how?  How can you use it to engage with your community but keep your congregation safe?  In this workshop, Holly will teach you how to streamline your social media efforts and keep your congregation safe in the meantime.Discovering Your Church’s Persona and How It Will Make You Church More EffectiveHolly Tate  (Session C, D). Does your church know who you’re uniquely positioned to reach in your community?  Are you reaching young families or empty nesters?  Is your church marketing strategy intentional or haphazard?  A persona is a fictional representation of who your church is trying to reach.  In this workshop, Holly will show you why your church needs a persona, how to establish your persona, and the persona framework for how to reach more people in your community.

Media and Technology

Working Remotely Panel – Nick Nicholaou, Glenn Wood (Session D). Church teams are an increasingly mobile workforce.  Questions abound!  How do you manage a workforce that often doesn’t work onsite?  What technologies work best?  What HR and legal issues are there?  Join us for a panel discussion that’s sure to be helpful, thought provoking, and fun!

Church Cyber Security – Jonathan Smith (Session D). Churches are ripe targets for hackers.  They store lots of data and aren’t as obsessed with security as the corporate world is.  What do you need to know to be prepared?  Getting hit by a cyber-threat isn’t a matter of if, but when.  Come learn what church leaders and technology professionals need to know to be good stewards of their data.

When Time & Technology Collide – Nick Nicholaou (Session C). Time management is a challenging topic all its own.  Technology came with the promise of freeing up time, but didn’t deliver!  In this workshop we’ll look at some time management tools – hi-tech and non-tech – and try to regain some of our life balance.

IT Security Essentials – Nick Nicholaou & Jonathan Smith (Session A)Churches and ministries have the intent of doing things well.  IT security is no different, but most in church and ministry leadership are not familiar with IT security risks and solutions.  We’ll talk through common vulnerabilities and how to strategically minimize them.

IT Roundtable – Chris Green & Nick Nicholaou (Session B). This workshop is a meeting of church and ministry IT peers.  Come with your challenges and receive proven solutions from your peers!  Share your proven solutions with others struggling with challenges you have overcome.  Expect to come away encouraged – you are not alone.

IT Security:  Reducing Risk and Liability – Trent Carroll (Session A). Security of any kind seems to be at the top of the priority list.  No church wants to inform its parishioners that the computer environment has been compromised and their personal data is now in the hands of thieves.  This workshop will focus on securing your IT network and keeping it secure over time.  Come learn about taking the proper steps to ensure your IT environment is secure.

Beyond the Walls: Securing Donors, Vision and Ministry Partners Through BroadcastingRon Walters & Brian Runge  (Session A, B, D). This workshop will cover the foundation aspects of Christian broadcasting and the steps to taking a message beyond the walls of the church or ministry organization.  They will share what they know from their personal experiences and findings, and from industry and independent research about who is listening and why, and how audiences perceive and receive ministry messaging.

Disaster Preparedness in IT:  Lessons Learned from HarveyChris Green  (Session C). The Gulf Coast area has had more than its share of disasters this year including Harvey.  Join us as we discuss planning ahead to have Information Technology better prepared to serve your church and community before, during, and after a disaster.  This workshop includes effective communication with your team and the community, backup and data protection best practices, developing a complete disaster recovery plan, and planning for resource shortages during a disaster recovery.


Preschool, Children, and Schools

Social Media, Parenting and EducationJonathan Smith  (Session C). Raising kids and working with youth can be challenging with all the technology today that young people know how to use and you don’t.  Get an overview of the latest technology trends for young people and learn how to respond and help those in trouble with the truths found in God’s Word.

Keys for Evaluating Children’s Ministry Curriculum Steven Knight  (Session C). When was the last time that you evaluated your children’s ministry curriculum?  If it’s not quite as effective as you’d like, or if you’d like to check out other options, then this session is just for you!  In this session, we will look at the ten most important keys for evaluating children’s ministry curriculum.  Not sure if it’s the right time to change curriculum?  This session will also provide a few pointers regarding how to assess the best time to change curriculum.

Unleash the Master Teacher in YouSteven Knight  (Session D). Are you looking for new ways to unleash the power of creative teaching in your children’s ministry?  Come find out how you can improve your skills and creativity as a teacher, empower other teachers in your ministry, and learn over 25 different creative teaching methods!

How to Utilize Technology in Children’s MinistrySteven Knight  (Session A). How can we utilize technology in children’s ministry?  It doesn’t matter if you still use a typewriter or if you invented Google – in this session, you will find out what you need to know in order to use technology in children’s ministry and you will discover some of the latest technology that can help you become more effective as a leader in children’s ministry.

No Room for Raw Chicken TeachingStephanie Chase  (Session A). Is teaching the Bible to preschoolers and children difficult or boring?  Do you struggle to present it appropriately and in a way that excites children to want to know more and to put God’s word into action?  Now is the time to take teaching the Bible to a whole new level.  Learn how to bring God’s word to life in a way that stirs a child’s heart and brings joys to their faces.

Help!  I’m Trying to Minister to Families But These Parents Are Driving Me CrazyStephanie Chase (Session B). Do the parents of the children you teach sometimes drive you absolutely crazy?  You know you are called to minister to them but you need help.  Discover who these parents are, how to relate to each one, and ways to minister to the entire family by reaching out to the parent.

Personal and Spiritual Development

Speak with Confidence:  Overcome Fear, Speak with Clarity, and Quickly Write Talks – Arlen Busenitz (Session B). Do you speak with confidence and command attention?  Do people routinely say, “You are a clear speaker and easy to follow?”  In this fun, energetic, and informative workshop, you will learn the secrets to being a confident speaker and writing clear, compelling speeches in minimal time.  Teachers, speakers, small-group leaders, and anyone who has to stand up and give a talk will benefit.

Become a More Impactful & Unforgettable Speaker in One Hour – Arlen Busenitz (Session C). Do you want to positively impact people as a teacher, speaker, or small group leader?  In this fun and energetic session, you’ll learn how to be a speaker who changes lives and holds attention.

7 Ministry Lessons I Learned the Hard Way – Arlen Busenitz (Session D). In this practical workshop, Arlen will share seven ministry lessons he wished he had known starting off in ministry.  You will learn what threw Arlen into burnout and how to prevent it, the four-word phrase which is the key to true life change, how to find freedom by understanding what it means to join God’s work, and so much more!

Shrink the Gap – Arlen Busenitz (Session A). Do you find a gap between where you are and where you want to be?  Maybe it’s financial, career, relationship, ministry, or personal habits.  Learn proven strategies to grow in your knowledge skills and application.  Create a personal development plan so you are growing every week.  Break bad habits and replace them with new ones.  Learn how to use the 1% rule for rapid and lasting personal growth.

Courageous Conversations – Roy Wooten (Session D). Whether in the office or at home, hard conversations are a necessary part of every relationship.  Not having the conversation usually means the issue is not resolved and continues to cause the relationship to struggle.  Having the conversation might cost the relationship something of value.  Participants will discuss what gets in the way of the difficult conversations, the keys to setting up courageous conversations and will discover a formula for moving through the barriers to have the conversation.

Fear Busting – Roy Wooten (Session C). God calls us to be strong and courageous, yet he built us with the protective radar that leads to fear.  How can you face your fears to be all God has called you to be?  During this workshop, you will learn how God made your brain to experience fear, discover how to know when fear is a barrier for you, and develop an exercise to help you move through your fear to be all God called you to be.

Serving with Difficult People – Stephen Trammell (Session C). Where there is motion, there is friction.  In this workshop, two questions will be addressed:  Why does God allow difficult people into your life?  How do you serve with difficult people in your life?  Overcoming the friction of difficult relationships will be explored with a focus on gaining clarity on how to serve with difficult people in a way that honors Christ and promotes unity.

Effective Time ManagementJonathan Smith  (Session B). There is always too much to do and never enough time.  How do you accomplish your objectives while also balancing life in-line with biblical priorities?  How do you manage/handle people so that you are effective with your time?  We will talk about gaining control of your schedule, doing more with the time you have, distinguishing between being effective and being busy, controlling interruptions and better communication.

Creating a Culture of ServiceDavid Reed  (Session A). Creating a “Culture of Service” should be the goal for every organization, but can be one of the most difficult goals to accomplish.  This workshop will include the Top 10 customer turnoffs, keys to excellent service, diffusing an angry church member or customer, and internal & external service that results in better relationships.

Communication!David Reed  (Session B, C). Whether you are communicating a message within your team, to your customers, or to an entire congregation, there is a skill to choosing the correct instrument and creating a message that will be received and understood by the intended recipients.  This workshop discusses various methods of communication and how & when each should be used when communicating.  Topics will include email, texting, phone and face-to-face communication.


Ministry Tools

Basics of Evernote – CJ Malott (Session A). They come in different sizes and colors, but are sticky notes really all that effective?  Learn about an application that is growing in popularity and more so in productivity:  Evernote.  Maybe you already use it, but need tips and tricks on using it more effectively.  Come learn about a tool that will help you say goodbye to sticky notes.

Advanced Evernote – CJ Malott (Session B). This workshop is for those that have used Evernote in the past and have a pretty good grasp of it, but are looking for some new tips and tricks to make the app more effective personally or as a ministry tool.

The Features and Power Behind Rock RMS – Jason Gibb (Session B). Rock RMS is crafted to make you a ministry superhero with a balance of simplicity and power. Come to this workshop and learn more about this new church management system, and the possibility of hosting it completely free of charge on Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud platform.

ShelbyNext:  All-In-One Church Management – Steele Billings & Kristy Shotwell (Session C)ShelbyNext is the system that churches all over the world are choosing as their modern church ministry software.  With the ShelbyNext Total Ministry Package, you can manage your accounting, membership, giving, and website all in one place and delegate members of your team to each area.  Come learn how this technology will change everything when it comes to growing your ministry and becoming more efficient.

Grow Your Church Through Member EngagementSteele Billings (Session ). Have you ever wondered what it would look like if more people in your church were plugged in?  Members that are excited about their digital profile with the church and track their giving and pledge status.  Volunteers that go searching for new opportunities to serve.  Visitors that easily find groups that speak to their walk of life.  By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to use key metrics to track the interactions between the ministry and their members/visitors, provide appealing content that draws members to actually use a digital church management tool, and have a plan to maximize the success of their digital giving and/or church management tools.

MS Excel:  Beyond the Basics – Glenn Wood (Session A). This workshop is designed to teach skills, techniques, and explain practical uses of selected MS Excel functions.  Attendees will walk away with a detailed handout with step-by-step practical application of how to use the Fill Handle, proper page setup, formatting pages and reports, and similar techniques.

MS Excel:  Advanced Functions – Glenn Wood (Sessions B, C). This workshop is designed to teach MS Excel techniques on an Intermediate to Advanced skill level.  Topics include the VLOOKUP function, Absolute and Relative cell references, working with dates, and Pivot Tables to name a few.

MinistryPlatform Church Management Software – Ken Emert & Chris Kehayais  (Session C)MinistryPlatform is a browser based application that will allow your team to manage people, events, groups, donations and just about any other bit of information that you need.  The core application is designed to provide the data management tools necessary for data entry, reporting, and data extraction.  We provide you with the base, and once you are live on the system, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with MinistryPlatform.  Come check out this demo.

Fund EZ Accounting Software:  FASB CompliantKen Emert & Tom Guffin (Session D). Is it time to look at a new option for your accounting software?  Are you looking for a solution that is truly FASB compliant and provides better reporting options?  Come check out the demo of Fund EZ that offers a fund accounting solution designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Pivot Tables:  Data Analysis Tool – Ken Emert (Session B)Microsoft Excel provides an outstanding tool to analyze your data at a macro level.  It works with both financial and non-financial data and can be used to observe trends, variances, etc.  If you can export your data into Excel, you can utilize Pivot Tables.