Greg Morris

Greg Morris has over twenty-five years of leadership experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Before joining the team at Generis, Greg served in several church and business leadership roles. He has over ten years of management and marketing consulting experience. For the past decade Greg has served as a business director, and most recently he spent more than six years as an Executive Pastor in a thriving church. Having served as an Executive Minister in a large and growing church, Greg brings valuable insight that is of significant benefit to church leaders. His work with churches to develop mission and vision, to create strategic plans, to manage change, and to develop staff and grow leadership has given him a full understanding of various church cultures and, as a result, the ability to serve church clients well. He has a passion for working with organizations to develop a culture of generosity, making their God-given vision possible. He has a unique gift for identifying the issues holding an organization back and then to work with leadership to create the necessary plans for overcoming these obstacles.

Greg received his BA from Leavell College in New Orleans, Louisiana and his certification in Church Administration from Villanova University School of Business in Villanova, Pennsylvania. He is currently working toward his MBA. Greg and his wife Jill live in Atlanta, Georgia with their sons and their dog.